GPS Trackdown for BlackBerry OS 7

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We apologize that we are no long providing updates on GPS Trackdown for BlackBerry. Rather, we have completely redesigned our application for Android and will move forward on that platform.

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Q. What is GPS Trackdown?

A. GPS Trackdown is a social networking application that makes it easy to find and share your location information. It's a great tool to have in case of emergency.

Q. Do I have to pay for GPS Trackdown?

A. No, GPS Trackdown is free of charge for your personal use. Your provider’s data plan charges may or may not apply.

Q. Will GPS Trackdown respect my privacy?

A. Certainly, we do not transmit your information to our web site. Please see our PRIVACY POLICY

Q. What phones are supported?

A. GPS Trackdown is currently supported on the following Blackberry phones:

Blackberry Torch9860
Blackberry Torch9850
Blackberry Torch9810
Blackberry Bold9981
Blackberry Bold9930
Blackberry Bold9900
Blackberry Bold9780
Blackberry Curve9380
Blackberry Curve9370
Blackberry Curve9360
Blackberry Curve9350

Q. What version of the Blackberry operating system is supported?

A. OS version 7 only (i.e. we no longer provide support for versions 6 and lower).

Q. Where can I go to install GPS Trackdown?

A. The latest release of GPS Trackdown is available for download on BlackBerry App World.

Q. What can I search for using GPS Trackdown?

A. Food, movie showtimes, gas, turn by turn directions, weather forecasts, etc.

Q. Where can I share my location?

A. Facebook, Twitter, SMS Text and Email.

Q. Will GPS Trackdown affect my phone's battery life?

A. Yes, but primarily when tracking is turned on. Turn off tracking when you don't need it. GPS Trackdown will turn itself off if your battery level drops below 20%.

Q. If I loose my phone or have an emergency, can GPS Trackdown help?

A. Yes, GPS Trackdown supports Remote Trackdown. See our User Guide.

Q. Can I send my location without making it obvious that I am contacting someone?

A. Yes, GPS Trackdown supports Panic Trackdown. See our User Guide.

Q. How do I set my location for my searches?

A. You are not required to set your location. GPS Trackdown will attempt to determine your current location using your phone's GPS chip or your service provider's Cell Towers.

Q. Can I turn off GPS Trackdown completely?

A. Certainly! Go to Settings and turn off Tracking, Remote Trackdown and Panic Trackdown. Remember to select Save.

Q. Does GPS Trackdown provide voice directions?

A. No, GPS Trackdown was not designed to replace your in car GPS system.